SUP East  Coast Style

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Marblehead Harbor 

Rentals offered all day everyday!  We accept cash, card, and check.     

Weekday Rentals:                               WEEKEND RENTLAS: 

$20 1- 1.5 Hour                                                      $25  1 hour 

$25 2 hours                                                            $30 2 hours 

$45 Half Day Rentals - 4 hours                            $55  Half Day Rental  

$65 Full Day Rentals                                             $65 Full Day Rental (6 hours, Great rent for the day to take out on the 

The party boards: $45  1 hour $5  each extra hour for the 


We offer a variety of lessons for you to choose from. 

*Beginner: Half hour,  Sup 101 Instruction covering the basic fundementals of paddling. Properly fitting yourself to a board, paddle all equipment, understanding necessary safety considerations.

*Intermediate: In this half hour lesson you will go from a  basic paddle enthusiast and learn to  become a more efficient confident paddler. Through various turning  techniques, tips and tricks and understanding how to paddle in all weather conditions.   

*Advanced Lesson: Help to improve your power and endurance. Turns, such as pivots and cross bows, stronger stances, and more efficient paddle strokes. 


Beginner  $40 

Intermediate  $50

Advanced $55 

 Leah or Christos ( $50 $60 $75) 

NEW: Group Lessons Save $5 And book 2 minimum- 10 Maximum for a group rate discount 

Glow Paddle/Tour:

Tours are listed on  the calendar page of this website. You can register on the online store and select the right dates and times for you.  We have our pre-booked tours running Friday and Saturdays. We can book a tour any night of the week with a minimum of 6 people. 

$25  Scheduled tour from Fishermans  beach Swampscott

$30 Private Glow tour-  (6 people minimum -any night of the week)

Board Storage:

1 Month $150 

2 Months $185

3 Months $199

1 Year $599 (thats less then $50 a month) 

(24/7 access just give us a call and we will have your board(s) ready for you with VIP service) 



1 month - $185 

2 months - $299 

3 months - $375

Married Couples:

1 month - $299 

2 month - $345 

3 month - $399

Families:  (3 or more members per family)

1 month -$450

2 month -$650

3 month- $799

$650- Unlimited Paddling for a family of three or more! Friends and family paddle for $10.

(Clients Responsible for any and all damages)